Introduction to MVC architecture

In the early days, there was no specific structure to create applications. Since the complexity of applications started increasing daily, people used to find new ways of creating applications that can help to create applications fast and easy. One such architectural paradigm for programming is MVC, which was designed in 1979.

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. It is a software design pattern with an architecture that helps to create huge applications easy. But it doesn’t belong to a specific programming language or framework. It’s just an architecture that can be used to create any kind of application…

If you are in the software industry this may not be an uncommon word at all! But for the beginners who are stepping into the technical arena, this may be a bit hard term to get from his/her first go. Without further due, will clarify the so-called term “API”.

What are these APIs? Exactly? And why were they created? Let me explain the problem with a simple non-technical example.

Niroshan Ratnayake

Tech Writer | Software Developer | Undergraduate — University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Information Technology.

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